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CCEDC Webmaster
9:38 AM

Peregrine Falcons Return to PPL's Tower Building After 10 Years



CLICK HERE to Learn More About PPL Corporation


2018 June RAD column-FalconFeeding

This spring we've had some pretty impressive and unusual house guests. For one thing, they can average a speed of 60 miles per hour, with top speeds of 200 mph - all without a car.
They're peregrine falcons. And they came back to PPL's Tower Building in Allentown this spring, the first time in 10 years that a nest box on the top of the 23-story tower has hosted a pair of falcons. The initial pair laid eggs there, and we were able to watch several hatchlings join the falcon family.
We were thrilled to see them, as PPL has been involved for quite a while with efforts to restore the peregrine falcon population in Pennsylvania. In 1995, we began supporting the Lehigh Valley Peregrine Project, a community effort to release young peregrine falcons from the top of our headquarters building in the hopes that the falcons would come back to the area.
 Read More

CCEDC Webmaster
12:19 PM

Why Brick & Mortar Stores Are Still Important

By: Kathy Henderson, Director of Economic Development (CCEDC)


These days all you need sometimes to start a new business is a laptop a smartphone and a space to work such as a kitchen table.  You can create an ecommerce site and your customers can begin purchasing your products or services without you having a huge expense.  No lease agreements to sign nor monthly rents to pay. Just you and your laptop…right? 

Maybe not.  Depending on the type of products you are selling, a brick and mortar store is still a huge benefit for your business to be successful.  Especially if the products you are selling are something that your customers want to be able to try out first. Read More

CCEDC Webmaster
6:11 AM

7 Tips for Electrical Safety in Your Home




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The PPL Electric Utilities crews working to help restore power in Puerto Rico deal with some unique safety challenges they don’t usually see in Pennsylvania – like steep, jungle-like hillsides and extremely narrow roads. 

That’s why one of our top safety leaders is in Puerto Rico alongside the work crews. He’s visiting job sites, leading discussions of work conditions and making sure everyone is focused on doing the job safely. 

Safety is the most important part of our daily work in Pennsylvania, too. Our crews meet before the job starts to talk through the work plan, discussing what could go wrong and how to prevent it. And they’re encouraged to call a timeout during the work if something doesn’t look right. 

We want our customers to take a safety-first attitude toward electricity too. Even at household voltage levels, electricity can be dangerous if electrical equipment is damaged or used improperly. 

You don’t have to wear heavy rubber gloves, hard hats or safety vests, like our line workers do. Just keep these tips in mind around your home: 

Extension cords: Check them regularly, and replace them if they develop cracks or wear in the insulation. Use them in places where people won’t step on them or drive over them. And don’t string more than one together. 

Home and kitchen appliances: Replace them if they develop loose or unreliable switches or frayed power cords, because frayed wires cause fires.

 Your home electrical system: Overloaded electrical circuits can cause fires. Some signs that circuits are overloaded include flickering or dimming lights; frequent blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers; warm wall plates; or crackling, sizzling, buzzing, or a burning odor coming from outlets or switches. Don’t ignore these warning signs.

 Also, unless you’re a trained electrician, it’s probably a good idea to hire one to do any kind of rewiring or other electrical upgrade in your home. The risk of electrical shock, fire or other hazards is not worth the money saved by trying to do the job yourself.

 Yard projects: If you’re planning a project that involves digging, call Pennsylvania 811 at least three business days in advance of the work. Someone will come to your home and mark the location of underground utility lines. Digging into utility lines could shock you, not to mention disrupting service to your property. 

Also, stay at least 10 feet clear of power lines on your property. If you’re carrying a ladder, be sure it doesn’t touch a line. 

Downed lines: We invest to keep our delivery system strong, so you’re unlikely to see a downed electrical line, unless there’s an ice storm or someone drives into a pole. If you see one, report it to us immediately at 1-800-DIAL-PPL (342-5775). Stay well clear of it, and keep kids and pets away as well. Always assume a fallen line is still carrying power. 

PPL’s field employees train hard and stay focused so the high voltages they work with don’t cause injury or property damage. A little attention on your part can do the same for you at home. 

Some of these tips were provided by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (esfi.org).

CCEDC Webmaster
6:07 AM

What's So Cool About Manufacturing


By: Kathy Henderson, Director of Economic Development, CCEDC


Tell me what you think is so cool about manufacturing. There are a number of students in Carbon County’s middle schools that can answer that question and then some!

Created by the Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) in Allentown, PA in 2013, the What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? contests draw entries from nearly 200 teams across Pennsylvania. The teams of students and their teacher coaches receive camera equipment, software, and professional guidance as they learn to script, record, and edit their video stories. The contest’s objective is to change students’ and their parents’ perceptions about manufacturing careers. 

The What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? contests are supported regionally by their sponsors and partners. Production support is provided for several of the contests by PBS39 Lehigh Valley in Bethlehem, PA. There are 12 contests held in Pennsylvania during the 2017-2018 school year. These contests involve students from 39 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties – a combined area that represents more than 9 million of the state’s 12.7 million residents. The contest format also has been adopted by groups in 11 additional states. 

Locally, students from Lehighton, Palmerton, Jim Thorpe and Panther Valley Middle Schools visited manufacturers in Carbon County to see what they could find out about how these companies operate and exactly what does make them so cool?  In the process, the students and their coaches learned how to conduct interviews, shoot video using GoPro cameras supplied by MRC. From there, the students had help from PBS39 on learning how to edit the videos for presentation to the public.  The completed videos were then posted on MRC’s website where voting took place for the people’s choice award. 

The awards ceremony was held at Arts Quest in Bethlehem on February 27th with over 900 in attendance.  

I am proud to say that Palmerton Area Junior High’s team and their video from KME tied for first place in the Outstanding Educational Value category with Broughal Middle School.

In addition, Carbon Career and Technical Institute competed in Cupcake Wars with the other technical schools from the Lehigh Valley.  The cupcakes were presented on a ferris wheel and entries were judged by the Cake Boss staff.

We can be very proud of our students and teachers here in Carbon County.  They worked hard to compete against some much larger schools and did themselves and the whole county proud!

CCEDC Webmaster
2:53 PM

Your Children's Safety Is PPL's Top Priority


By Guest Blogger, Carol Obando-Derstine, PPL Corporation

CLICK HERE to learn more about PPL.

Every parent, especially of a younger child, worries sometimes: Have I prepared my son or daughter for the safety risks they encounter every day?

It’s easy to feel that concern. The world is full of settings where you hope your child will be safe – like crossing the street, or riding a bike, or swimming in a friend’s pool. You always hope they’ll remember the right thing to do.

Here’s some news to unfurrow your brow, parents: When it comes to electrical safety, PPL Electric Utilities has your back.

We’re once again sponsoring a lively, kid-friendly stage show called “Safety Detectives in Hot Pursuit” that brings electrical safety messages into schools. Between Oct. 16 and Nov. 10, we’ll put on 67 shows in 37 schools across central and eastern Pennsylvania, reaching more than 16,000 children.Read More

CCEDC Webmaster
12:27 PM

To Buy or Not to Buy

617  By Kathy Henderson, CCEDC Director of Economic Development

To buy or not to buy that is the question every business owner asks themselves.  Is it better to lease my space where I can grow my business without the headaches of owning the property or purchase a building where I can grow equity in the real estate?  

Cash flow is the biggest concern of every business.  There are so many unknowns out there that purchasing the space to run your business may not be the best way to go…yet.

Owning real estate can be a great investment if you’re ready.  You can grow equity and have something tangible to show for it but when you’re just starting out you may not want or need the added stress of a large mortgage payment on top of trying to get your business off the ground.  There’s a lot of responsibility that goes along with owning a building.  
Read More

CCEDC Webmaster
8:40 AM

We Take Trees & Reliability Seriously


CLICK HERE to Learn More About PPL Corporation

Trees and reliability. Reliability and trees. It's a balancing act we're constantly thinking about at PPL Electric Utilities, and one we take very seriously.

We take a variety of steps to keep your service reliable. One of the most important - and visible -- actions we take throughout our system is tree trimming and removal.

It's been proven that tree contact with power lines is the leading cause of storm-related outages.

You might remember the prolonged outages in this area after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and a heavy snowstorm in October 2011. Trees were a major cause of those outages, leading us to step up our tree clearing and trimming work. Contact between a tree and a transmission line in Ohio also caused the Northeast Blackout of 2003, which left 55 million people without power.
Read More

CCEDC Webmaster
10:09 AM

Why Making Others Feel Important Will Make You Happier & More Successful

By: Kathy Henderson, Director of Economic Development for Carbon County

Over the years I have read numerous books and articles by consultants on how to become more successful.  Brian Tracy is one of my favorites.  

We are often asked at the Chamber "how did we become so successful?"  The answer is surprisingly easy.... we honestly care about the people and businesses we serve.  

I came across an article by Mr. Tracy the other day that I felt exemplifies the way that we conduct business here at the Chamber.  This particular article adds another layer by telling us that making others feel important satisfies the deepest subconscious cravings of human nature.  

Mr. Tracy asks his audiences: "What percentage of the time are people emotional and what percentage of the time are people logical?  There can be many schools of thought, but the true answer is that people are 100 percent emotional.  They decide emotionally and then justify it logically.  But emotion comes first.Read More

CCEDC Webmaster
12:40 PM

Change It Up When the Seasons Change


It seems the seasons change quick these days … where in the world did summer go? We are so busy with everyday life; keeping up with family, work and technology… can we fit in much else?

I thought I’d break it down for you with the beautiful seasons we experience in our area; try a new activity and take a new approach to business:

Fall ~ The crisp cool air is upon us, time to pull out the sweaters and fleece jackets. This is a time to take in the beautiful colors that nature brings us without a doubt, every year.  Get up an hour early and take a walk or bike ride on the D & L trail before work. Enjoy the pristine lakes throughout the county by taking a stroll on the beach, kayaking or simply sit on the water’s edge and take it all in. Let your mind wonder and think about creating a brand new 30 second commercial – to promote yourself and your business. Once you’ve created a script, practice.  Get excited when you begin to use it! For help creating your commercial visit: prosperitycoaching.biz/a_6-steps-to-an-awesome-elevator-speech.html
Winter ~ Get ready for the chill in the air, winter coats and snow! Try cross country skiing, snow shoeing or tubing. If you’re not that adventurous, bundle up and take an easy walk after a snowfall and enjoy the beauty and peaceful experience of Mother Nature.  When you get back inside, make yourself a hot cup of tea or cocoa and write a press release on something about your business – it can be as little at 50 words, and then send it our way. This is a free way to get your word out – let us do the work by sending to businesses and the media! Need help, contact our office and we will help you write it up.
Read More

CCEDC Webmaster
3:51 PM

Meet John Stoj, Carbon County Photographer


You may have seen his beautiful photos of Pocono wildlife, landscapes and elements of nature displayed at a local area business or art exhibit, in a community magazine or even in CCEDC's new "Find Your Fun in Carbon County, PA" Tourism Brochure. Or, you may even own one of his prints and have wondered how he can get such perfect, close up shots of magnificent animals in their natural habitats while going about their normal daily routines. Well, wonder no more! Meet Albrightsville resident and Carbon County photographer, John Stoj.

John has graciously permitted the use of his gorgeous nature and Carbon County photos for CCEDC's Tourism Marketing. And, we were lucky enough to recently spend some time with him to discuss his photography career, what inspires him and why he loves Carbon County so much. We are so very excited to share our interview, his talent and imagery with all of you.

Q. John, how long have you been a photographer and how did you get started? 

A. I have been taking photographs since the late 1950’s. My interest in photography began when my dad shared his 35 mm camera with me when we vacationed at the mountain river and ski slopes. 

Q.  Do you do photography full-time or part-time?

A. Currently, I do photography part-time at Pocono Whitewater River Rafters on the Lehigh River. Previously, I served as President-elect of the Carbon County Art Association. On weekends, I work at a local meat and groceries market. More than 30 of my best locally acquired images are on display at Hazle Park Meats & Groceries in Pine Point Plaza, Albrightsville, PA.
Read More

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