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DISCOVER YOUR BOLD in Carbon County...

Your Guide to Jim Thorpe, Lehighton, Palmerton, Penn-Kidder, Weatherly & Panther Valley.

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Carbon County Women in Business December 13th Luncheon



The Harry Packer Mansion Inn



Located at 19 Packer Avenue, Jim Thorpe, the Harry Packer Mansion sits like a sentinel overlooking the historic downtown village. Its Impressive facade became the inspiration for Walt Disney World's "Haunted Mansion." However, the interior is anything but spooky. Fifteen foot ceilings, marble fireplaces and gilded mirrors reflect the elegance of the Victorian Age. The guest accommodations in the mansion and the adjoining Carriage House are furnished with period antiques, luxurious fabrics, and carefully selected artwork. In addition to offering overnight accommodations, the Mansion also hosts Murder Mystery Weekends, Private Functions and Self-Guided Tours. You can also sit back and relax with your favorite beverage in their Libations Lounge and enjoy a setting like no other!

And this Holiday Season, be sure not to miss the Harry Packer Mansion's special holiday attraction, "The Nutcracker Holiday Displays" Self-Guided Tour, which was featured last year on WNEP's Home and Backyard and in the 2017 Winter Historical Attractions Edition of Pocono Mountains Magazine.

Bring your family and your "Spirit of Wonder and Imagination" as you tour the historic Parlours of the Mansion in true holiday style. Follow along to this beloved holiday classic as you visit a gorgeous display inspired by a different scene from "The Nutcracker Suite" in each room. In addition to the tour, the Harry Packer Mansion's Libation's Lounge is also featuring a special Nutcracker inspired cocktail menu. Adults can enjoy the Sugar Plum Fairy and The Nutcracker, and for the children, we have Clara and Fritz.

Self-guided Nutcracker Display Tour hours are open to the public on Fridays from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm from Friday, November 30th through Sunday, December 23rd. Admission rates are $5.00 for Adults and FREE for Children Under 8 when accompanied by an adult.

Weekdays during the first three weeks of December, there will also be special tour hours available from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm for all non-profits. Non-profit organizations will have an opportunity to raise money for their organization by collecting the tour admission money for their groups. The more people you bring to the tour; the more money you will make! Please note that you must contact The Harry Packer Mansion at 570-325-8566 to make your tour reservation and also provide a minimum of four people to assist with your tour.

For more information about the Nutcracker Displays Tour or about the Harry Packer Mansion, please call 570-325-8566 or visit www.MurderMansion.com.                                                



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Be an Entrepreneur and not a Wantrepreneur

Starting a new business is almost like having a baby.  From day one, you nurture it, think about how to help it grow, give it your undivided attention, feed it cash, and yes like changing a dirty diaper, sometimes you have to bring yourself to change out employees.  

Like a child learning to walk, there are going to be struggles.  You will have sleepless nights. You will question yourself; am I doing the right thing, have I made the right decisions.  It’s how you pick yourself up and keep going through those struggles and doubts that will prove your mettle. Your business is your passion or it better be if you want to be successful.     

Start by being your own investor.  That doesn’t only mean funding the business but investing in yourself by learning everything there is to know about your market and the business itself.  Are you thinking of growing mushrooms? Then you need to learn all about those cute little mycelium. Do you have an idea to build a better mousetrap? Then you will need to learn all about the manufacturing process.  A successful startup requires a ton of legwork before you even hang your shingle.

You may think you have it all, the plan, the money, the ins and outs of what it takes to put the business together, but that four-letter word “fear” can hold you back.  Successful entrepreneurs use fear as motivation to take that first step. You can either be at the table or on the menu. Nothing should be able to stop you from what you really want.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how much money you have or how strong you are. It doesn't matter what college you graduated from and how many degrees you have. What matters is how focused you are. If you aren't able to harness your talent, then it means nothing so stay focused!

In this day and age, retail businesses are feeling the pinch from ecommerce with several having to close physical store locations. Yet, some retailers are successful in their marketplace.  Take a look at Boscov’s. How do they stay ahead of the game in a very competitive business? Sure they provide great customer service and they have been able to mesh ecommerce with their physical store presence. But I think what’s most important is that Boscov’s has mastered knowing who their market is and that’s exactly to whom they cater.  

Contact us at the Chamber today.  We can help you with business plans, marketing, loans and the support to take that first step.   Isn’t it time for you to stop thinking about starting a business and just do it? Remember, everyone can be a wantrepreneur but being an entrepreneur requires real guts.  

Looking to Expand and Grow Your Business and Need Financial Assistance?

The CCEDC Can Help!


Starting a new business certainly has its challenges.  You come up with an idea you do the research even find a great location.  Now how are you going to bankroll it?

Remember that usually the first dollars into your business are yours.  Perhaps you dipped into savings or cashed in your 401k or maxed out your credit cards.  You may even have worked your regular job and moonlighted at your business to get it off the ground but now you’re ready for the next step; actually going out on your own.

At the startup stage, angel investors are hard to find and asking for help to find grants, or ‘free money,’ is a common request that my office handles all the time. While there may be some small grants, these are not common. 

New businesses have a hard time getting funding from a bank because they don’t have the financial history of actually being in business.  There is really nothing concrete to show a lender that your business is successful much less be able to pay back a loan. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

CLICK HERE to Learn More and for Application.