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Carbon County Hotel Tax Disbursement Program

HOTEL TAX WORKSHOP:  Thursday, August 3, 2023 @ 6-8PM | CCEDC Office | Click for Info

2023 Hotel Tax Allocation 

Spring Deadline: Applications due to CCEDC office by April 30, 2023 (for funding distributed in June 2023).

Fall Deadline: Applications due to CCEDC office by September 30, 2023 (for funding distributed in November 2023).

The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau has delegated to its Room Tax Allocation Committee - RTAC certain responsibilities concerning the solicitation, evaluation and recommendation of tourism-related projects to be funded in part by proceeds from the hotel room tax imposed throughout the four counties of the Pocono Mountains.

General Guidelines:

  1. Bi-annually, the RTAC will provide releases to the media informing eligible non-profit organizations in the county of the availability of monies for tourism-related projects (that primarily bring tourists into the County and encourage overnight stays) and soliciting their inquiries.
  2. The RTAC will provide an application to interested organizations together with a timetable for submissions and deadlines.
  3. Following each deadline, the RTAC will convene to evaluate all applications that have been received and will record its recommendations for funding.
  4. The RTAC will send the report to the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, Inc. (PMVB) for final approval per ACT 18.
  5. Invoices from vendors for approved marketing expenditures will be sent directly to PMVB for payment up to the amount funded by the RTAC subject to payment guidelines established by the PMVB.
  6. Funded program recipients may be required to submit a summary of all expenditures and pertinent project information to the RTAC within 12 months of the conclusion of the funded project.
  7. PMVB branding guidelines will be provided to each program. Branding material should be added to print/digital advertising including, but not limited to websites, billboards and brochures. Any questions should be directed to Brian Bossuyt, Vice President of Marketing (PMVB) at email: or phone: 570-534-4543.
  8. Upon approval of funding, marketing invoices should be sent for payment to Jamie Schmeelk, Director of Accounting (PMVB) at email: or phone: 570-534-4326.

Please be sure to indicate the organization's name along with your contact information on each marketing invoice. An award code will be assigned and must be on all invoices as well.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: For Spring:  April 30, 2023 | For Fall: Sept. 30, 2023

2023 Application instructions

See Past Recipients below:


Before you begin to complete this online form, please download the application below which includes the Budget Worksheet at the end of the document and upload a scanned copy of the Budget Worksheet where indicated on this form. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD.

Carbon County Room Tax Allocation Committee Application for Funds for Tourism-Related Project

ACT 18 requires that monies are to be used for marketing projects to promote tourism in the County. Projects that include construction or other non-marketing related activities do NOT qualify. If completing our online application form, please submit your application, along with attachments. (Once received, we will submit four (4) copies of your application along with your attachments to the committee.) If submitting a hard copy of this form rather than online, please download the PDF form on this webpage and follow the instructions for submission. Please submit your completed application by APRIL 30, 2023 for disbursement to be awarded by: JUNE 30, 2023.

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