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COVID Comebacks: Marlyn Kissner, Rick Franzo, Alice Wanamaker, Margaret White |On Every Main Street

marlyn kissner, rick franzo, alice wanamaker, stonerow restaurant

By Kenneth Mazzaro- Published Oct. 23, 2020- WDIY 88.1 Greg Capogna continues his COVID Comebacks series with Marlyn Kissner – EVP Northern Region GLVCC, Rick Franzo – The Growth Coach of the Poconos, Alice Wannamaker – VP Northern Region GLVCC, and Margaret White – Owner, Stone Row restaurant in Jim Thorpe. (Original air-date: 10/19/2020)

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Thinking “Out of the Box About Your Business” During COVID-19 Social Distancing

By Dina Tulli Davis, CCEDC Director of Marketing & Communications Every once in awhile, life throws you a curve ball. This time, that curve ball is not only affecting individuals and their businesses but also the “world collective.” Uncertainty and fear can breed a lot of discomfort, especially when we are forced to venture outside…

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COVID-19 and Its Effects on Business

By Kathy Henderson, Director of Economic Development, CCEDC There is no doubt that COVID-19 has irrevocably changed the way businesses will compete over the next decade.  How will you survive as a business much less compete in the coming months?  Let’s put this in perspective.  Events like COVID-19 are called “Black Swan Events” and are…

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