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By Dina Tulli Davis, CCEDC Director of Marketing & Communications

Every once in awhile, life throws you a curve ball. This time, that curve ball is not only affecting individuals and their businesses but also the “world collective.” Uncertainty and fear can breed a lot of discomfort, especially when we are forced to venture outside of our comfort zone to unknown territory without any notice.

There have been so many businesses forced to close their physical locations. Those businesses that can take advantage of technology to keep operating, are doing just that. However, some other businesses, such as: service businesses, cannot readily operate online. So this leaves many business owners to wonder what their companies will look like when we come out the other side (and that we will). What should these businesses do?

A HUGE Shift in Thinking and “Out of the Box” Creativity
Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen a HUGE shift in thinking and “out of the box” creativity when it comes to business and humankind. In the face of adversity, it’s in our nature to come together to help…we lend our support, our knowledge, our skills…we change, reinvent, and do whatever it takes to make a positive difference now and for our future.

There are so many examples of how we have learned to adapt and support one another during this time. I have seen hair salons take their business online to offer FREE or subscription-based styling and make up tutorials to stay “top of mind” and to bring VALUE to their customers. I know a very successful restauranteur with multiple restaurant brands and locations, who is on the front line with his managers. They are utilizing their customers’ car trunks for takeout delivery and payment transactions to keep their customers safe and socially-distanced. We have also heard of manufacturing and distilleries retool to produce much needed hand sanitizer, masks and other protective and medical equipment. And, we are aware of some businesses that are taking a look at their operations to see how they can improve their processes to ensure their future. As for government and business organizations, they have also provided or are in the process of providing much needed resources as well as financial and loan assistance to our businesses.

How Can You Reinvent, Retool and Rethink Your Business?
With all of this said, how can you reinvent, retool and rethink your business to help us all win this fight against COVID-19? Even if you think you cannot take some aspect of your business online, perhaps, you can! This is the perfect time to brainstorm, find opportunity, get creative and sharpen your business skills as well as practice self-love and connect with your loved ones!  Like personal development coach, Marie Forleo, says, “Nothing is impossible because EVERYTHING is figureoutable!” And I know that even though we are being challenged at this time, we will become so much stronger, adaptable and better when life returns to what each of us considers normal. 

The CCEDC Is Here for You!
Remember, the CCEDC is here for you during this time! Don’t hesitate to utilize our COVID-19 Resource webpages and reach out to us for support when you need us!