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COVID Comebacks: Marlyn Kissner, Rick Franzo, Alice Wanamaker, Margaret White |On Every Main Street

marlyn kissner, rick franzo, alice wanamaker, stonerow restaurant

By Kenneth Mazzaro- Published Oct. 23, 2020- WDIY 88.1 Greg Capogna continues his COVID Comebacks series with Marlyn Kissner – EVP Northern Region GLVCC, Rick Franzo – The Growth Coach of the Poconos, Alice Wannamaker – VP Northern Region GLVCC, and Margaret White – Owner, Stone Row restaurant in Jim Thorpe. (Original air-date: 10/19/2020)

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What Is Economic Development

By Kathy Henderson, Director of Economic Development What is Economic Development?  I recently asked that question of high school students and was not at all surprised to get blank stares and crickets.   People have many different ideas of what economic development is and some have no idea at all. Jeff Finkle, President and CEO of…

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