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Kathy Henderson, Director of Economic Development, CCEDC
Kathy Henderson

By Kathy Henderson, Director of Economic Development, CCEDC

Dave builds buggies.  You know, the old wagon wheel type of buggies like the Connestoga Wagons, the buckboards and the 20 mule team wagons of the old west.  Dave lives in Joliet Montana which is a very small town off the beaten path.  The type of town that when you drive through you can’t blink because you might miss it.

Dave’s shop is located on Joliet’s Main Street and is chocked full of 42 years of wagon and wheel making equipment.  

Yet, even with the seemingly overwhelming challenges of his location, and his unique product, Dave is able to sell his creations around the world and even has visitors to his shop from other countries.  Why?  

Five years ago, Dave discovered the allure of creating his own YouTube Channel.  It’s nothing fancy, just live video of him doing what he does best; blacksmithing and building wagons and wagon wheels. He now has over 128,000 subscribers with live broadcasts every Friday at 1:00.  You can check him out at: 

The point here is that even though Dave has been honing his craft for 42 years, he decided that in order to attract more customers to his business, he would have to learn a new trick by creating videos and posting them on a YouTube Channel.  

Dave wasn’t entirely new to making videos. In the early 2000s he made instructional videos.  From those early videos, he was able to edit some pieces and use them in his new marketing venture.  Now he has thousands of views, tons of comments and best of all is able to sell his product to customers that otherwise may not have ever known he existed. 

It was a great marketing move from which he is now reaping the benefits.  

What about you?  Contact us at the CCEDC today (610-379-5000) and see how digital marketing can help your business.