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By Jane George, Regional Affairs Director, PPL Electric Utilities

If you’re struggling to pay your electric bill, we have programs that can help.

This year, summer heat will likely do what it usually does – increase your monthly bill primarily because you’re using your air conditioning more. And this summer brings the added challenges of the continuing coronavirus pandemic, a combination that can bring increased financial strain.

The first way we can help is by working with you to manage your bill payment. These options are available regardless of your income:

  • We’ll work with you to set up a flexible payment agreement so you can pay down your balance over time. 
  • You can also sign up for budget billing. We’ll average your electric use over the entire year to smooth out your monthly bill and make your payments more predictable.
  • You can even change the due date of your bill to better align with your finances! Select a date that fits your schedule.

Depending on your current income, you may also qualify for one of our assistance programs: 

  • OnTrack offers debt forgiveness and a lower fixed monthly payment.
  • Operation HELP is our fuel fund for customers in need. This year, we’ve increased the income limit to be able to help more customers. 

LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program), is a federal program that provides cash grants for home heating bills and emergencies. Because of the pandemic, LIHEAP has an extended application period through Aug. 31. 

The most important step is always the first one. In the case of getting help with your electric bill, it’s going online to learn about the available programs and apply at or making that phone call (1-800-342-5775). 

Managing your electric bill now can help you avoid building up large unpaid balances. It can bring peace of mind.

The pandemic may have changed the way we do some of our work at PPL, but it hasn’t changed our commitment to helping customers in need. A century after our founding in June 1920, we’re still delivering safe, reliable electricity and looking forward to the next century of innovation, service, and support.

If you, or someone you know is struggling with their bill, please reach out.