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By Dina Tulli Davis, CCEDC Director of Marketing/Webmaster

A brand new business year full of new possibilities and new opportunities is about to knock on your door; are you ready for it?!

The months of December and January are always important ones: December is the month of reviewing, planning and finalizing for the next year, and January is the month of launching new marketing campaigns, making resolutions and having good intentions for change and growth.

As a small business, we all have good intentions for the new year when it comes to implementing new strategies to grow and improve our businesses and ourselves. However, those who are not disciplined may find it hard to stick to these plans or their resolutions. Or, perhaps, they may need some help in execution.

Your Chamber is here to partner with you to help make your business better and to help you grow as a business professional. As a CCEDC member, there are so many benefits, resources and programs available to you to make a positive impact on your business in the coming year. However, you have to be committed to taking the action steps to see real change.

Here are some actions that you can take this January to help you start off the business year on a positive footing…

1) Make sure you log into the Member Information Center and review your Member Profile. Make sure it is complete and accurate. CLICK HERE to contact the Webmaster if you need access or have forgotten your password. (Also, do this for your member profile on the GLVCC website, since the printed Annual Chamber Directory is taken from the GLVCC website database. CLICK HERE to contact Becca at the GLVCC if you need access.

2) Join us on Wednesday, January 15th from 4:30pm-5:30pm for our CCEDC Master Your Membership Workshop at Insurrection Distillery in Lehighton. Here, you will learn how all about your CCEDC and GLVCC member benefits and how to leverage them. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER HERE

3) Learn about and add FREE online marketing through the CCEDC to your marketing strategy. Also, take advantage of PAID ways to really stand out…exclusive, deep discounts on CCEDC Online Advertising Products will be given to attendees at the Master Your Membership Workshop, so don’t miss it!

4) Download and follow the 90 Day Action Plan for SuccessDOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE.   This plan will give you a roadmap on what to do to see the most benefit from your Chamber membership.

5) Research the county demographics, your competitors, workforce and more by going to the CCEDC website and navigating to those very important data pages under the Economic Development dropdown menu.

6) Stay tuned for 1-on-1 video tutorial sessions via email on how to utilize the Member Information Center and effectively promote your business on the CCEDC website. 

Just remember that the CCEDC staff and I are here to help you get the most from your Chamber membership. We are here to help you grow your business and look forward to working with you in 2020!

Happy holidays!