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By Marlyn Kissner, Executive Director of the CCEDC, E.V.P. Northern Region, GLVCC

Marlyn Kissner, Executive Director CCEDC, EVP Northern Region, GLVCC

Many of us have heard the phrases “pay it forward” as well as “random acts of kindness.”  Simply stated, when someone does a good deed for you, instead of paying them back, pay it forward by doing a good deed for someone else.

As I researched the concept, I came across five tips on how to pay it forward in the workplace courtesy of

  1. Write a thank you note when someone does something nice for you, and send it to their boss.
  2. Do something nice for the most difficult person that you work with.  Sometimes a bit of kindness goes a long way.
  3. Buy coffee or lunch for the person behind you in line, and ask them to pay it forward.
  4. Bring in doughnuts or bagels for breakfast for the department, or maybe just cookies one afternoon.
  5. Help someone do something above and beyond your usual routine, just because you can.

Is there a young professional you can mentor? If you are a young professional, is there a co-worker who needs help with social media? There are four generations in the workplace today, so supporting one another with skills and tips that each may not be aware of will ultimately help to strengthen our workforce.  Take a new co-worker under your wing and help them out by assisting with a smooth transition into the workplace. While networking, you may find a colleague that needs help with marketing, strategic planning or business development. Utilize your skills to help someone else – ultimately, someone else will help you. I’ve found on my professional journey, the more I give back, the more I receive!

Take time to volunteer in your community. Research the non-profit organizations in your area to find something that sparks your passion.  Coaching, community park clean-up, animal shelters …etc. Help your neighbors when situations may arise.

At the CCEDC, we have a number of events, programs and initiatives that happen every month. How do we do it all? We pay it forward! Staff and volunteers take the time to assist one other with event outreach, set-up, registration, greeting our guests, program details and clean up. It is infectious as both staff and volunteers catch on and continue to pay it forward.

Challenge yourself to pay it forward…you’ll make someone’s day and feel good about yourself.