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By Guest Blogger, Carla Binder, Creative Framing by Carla

What is Custom Picture Framing?
Custom picture framing is basically a package that to enhances, protects and displays your art or cherished mementos.  Although the definition makes it sound simple enough, there are many things that must be taken into consideration. Don’t be mistaken, there’s a big difference between just “putting something in a frame” and choosing a custom frame.

So what exactly makes custom picture framing so different?  Well, it’s the custom part that really makes the difference. A custom frame is specifically designed for you and the item being framed, it’s not a “one size fits all”.  We all have different styles and different reasons for having something displayed in a frame. Considering all of this is just one part of ensuring the custom framing is a success.

This is my personal approach.

What, Where and Why?

What? My first step in a custom framing project is to find out what this object or piece of art is.

Where? Have you given any thought to where you might like to display it. Depending on what you’re having framed I may ask you about your favorite colors. I may also ask about the style of your furniture and decor or if you’re adding this to a collection or using it as a focal point in one of your rooms.

Why? What does this item, photo or piece of art mean to you? Custom framing is very personal and your input in the design process is very important. How much you value the piece will impact the materials used to frame it.

Choosing the Materials
My second step in custom framing is the actual design of the framing package (all the framing materials for your item). Using the information from the first step, the ultimate goal is to find the best selections for the art or object while still allowing the finished framing to fit nicely in your home.

Visually, combining the colors, textures and styles of the various framing materials is the process of designing a frame that enhances your art.  Technically, the design involves knowing if the frame is sturdy enough to display your art or objects. Or knowing if the frame is deep enough or if the materials used are safe and will protect your items.

There are many different designs and combinations of materials that will work nicely for every framing project. Although it may seem overwhelming at times, I will guide you through the best solutions as you make your final decision on the framing materials.

Building Your Frame
The next step is the actual handcrafting of your custom framing.  The frame is chopped and joined, mats cut, your art or objects are mounted securely, the glass is cut and all are neatly fitted together. It’s ready for you to display in your home or office.

So, what is custom picture framing?  It begins with a love of art or a cherished memory.  You take it on a creative journey. At the end of the process your custom framing, specially handcrafted for you, is as unique as you and what you’ve had framed.   


Creative Framing by Carla offers custom picture frame solutions for your art, photography and cherished items. Preserve your memories. Carla will walk you through the process step by step to design the custom framing package and delivery a quality product for you to display in your home or business. Let’s get started on your project, set up an appointment or stop by today.