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By Guest Blogger, Shelley Jaye Hunt, Jim Thorpe Massage & Wellness Studio

As we have hopefully adjusted to the end of daylight-saving time, Thanksgiving has been celebrated and we move toward winter and our religious and spiritual celebrations in December. Much to think about relative to time. We can fully embrace time in a different way. What if we still get up in the morning at the same time as we did before daylight savings? We could use this hour to do some meditation, or quietly contemplate our day, week and month ahead; perhaps in a different way. We can use this time to tune in to our body. How can time help us to focus on our wellness? One way for us to be present in our life is to listen to what our body needs. Your body will tell you exactly what it needs. Does a vigorous walk sound appealing? Go for one. Do you want to curl up on the couch with a book instead? Are you craving dark chocolate? Eat some. Maybe today you want fresh juice.

Being present is creating awareness in the moment, each moment. Much easier said than done. Imagine a practice of the simple act of paying attention to what is going on without changing anything. When you achieve being present you find increased happiness in the moments of life. The chaos and hectic times feel less stressful and recovery from trying times become effortless.