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CCEDC Committees:


The mission of the Carbon Chamber & Economic Development Corporation is carried out by our various Committees, which report to our Board of Directors on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Each Committee is comprised of volunteer members and some CCED staff and is headed by a volunteer committee chair. Each Committee has a specific purpose and task agenda to be accomplished similar to that of departments in a company.

The strength of our Chamber comes from the hard work, time and dedication of our Committee members. Learn more about our Committees below, and if you would like to participate in one or more of these Committees, please contact its chair. (To be eligible to participate, you must be a member of our Chamber.)


Ambassador Events Committee:

Chair: Marlyn Kissner

Contact Marlyn

This committee is focused on the development of all networking and annual CCEDC Signature events. Members brainstorm ways to create unique networking and social events.  Events are used to highlight and promote Chamber members’ business establishments and promote the support of member to member commerce. Members also attend the events as “Ambassadors” of the Chamber, assisting members in making connections and networking with one another.


Business/Education Partnership:

(Interim) Chair: Marshall Walters, Architectural Polymers
Contact Marshall

The Business/Education Partnership Committee facilitates conversation between educators and businesses in Carbon County.  Businesses provide realistic feedback on challenges and opportunities in the workplace and partner with educators to incorporate the feedback into their curriculum. This collaborative effort assists employers with a plan for a skilled and ready workforce.


Future Leaders of Carbon County Council (Formerly Carbon Young Professionals):

Chair: Jared McEvoy, Equinox
Contact Jared

The Future Leaders of Carbon County Council is a group of young business owners, entrepreneurs and serious, active, civic-minded professionals within the CCEDC, who have a deep appreciation of the county’s leadership legacy and a clear vision of the area’s future as a great place to live, play and do business. FLOCC members seek to create intergenerational connections; to understand the values, characteristics and experiences of the CCEDC’s veteran professionals, while sharing their own unique perspective and skills, in order to create their own vision and empower the county’s business community, promote economic success, and build their businesses or advance their careers.  This intergenerational connection creates a bridge to the new knowledge-driven economy and aligns their web of relationships.


Leadership Carbon:

Chair: Adam R. Weaver, Esq., The Law Offices of Adam R. Weaver, Esquire

Contact Adam

Leadership Carbon is designed to develop knowledgeable, skilled, committed, and action-oriented community leaders.

Leadership Carbon brings together participants once a month September through May. Participants typically come from diverse backgrounds and varying perspectives to learn more about themselves and their communities. In the Leadership Carbon Program, people share their ideas and experiences with each other, gain new skills and knowledge about leadership, and develop plans and strategies for implementing community betterment projects.

Web site: www.leadershipcarbon.com


Tourism Committee:

Chair: Marlyn Kissner

Contact Marlyn

This committee provides leadership and strategic direction to initiatives and projects that will have an impact at the County level. This group interfaces with County level agencies, multi-county regional partners, and State level legislative resources, associations and groups. It also provides a forum to discuss opportunities and design initiatives that will fill all types of lodgings in Carbon County as well as offers access to group advertising opportunities that would otherwise be unaffordable to lodgings with only a few rooms.


Women in Business:

Chair: Alice Wanamaker, CCEDC

Contact Alice

This committee group conducts lunch meetings featuring a guest speaker on the second Thursday of each month at different venues. The purpose of these meetings are for the business women of Carbon County to come together for support and networking.  The group is a few years old and has had strong growth.  All are welcome, including men!


Carbon County Hotel Tax Grant


Next Deadlines for Submission are February 28th & September 30th.


Room Tax Allocation Committee (RTAC) 
As Authorized by: The Office of the Carbon County Commissioners


The Carbon County Commissioners have delegated to the RTAC certain responsibilities concerning the solicitation, evaluation and recommendation of tourism-related projects to be funded in part by proceeds from the Hotel Room Tax imposed throughout the County.

This Committee has developed and submitted to the Office of the County of Commissioners a protocol that include: general guidelines, guidelines, application criteria and an evaluation procedure.

General Guidelines


1. Twice annually, the RTAC will provide releases to the media and place advertisements informing eligible non-profit organizations in Carbon County of the availability of grants for tourism-related projects (that primarily bring tourists into Carbon County and encourage overnight stays) and soliciting their inquiries.

2. The RTAC will provide an application to interested organizations together with a timetable of deadlines for submission.

3. Following each deadline, the RTAC will convene to evaluate all applications that have been received and will record its recommendations for funding. 

4.The RTAC will send the report to the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, Inc. (PMVB) for final approval per ACT 18.

5. Invoices from vendors for marketing expenditures will be sent directly to PMVB for payment up to the amount approved by the RTAC.

6. Funding recipients will be required to submit a summary of all expenditures and pertinent project information to the RTAC within 12 months of the conclusion of the funded project.

7. PMVB Branding guidelines will be provided. Branding materials should be added to print/digital advertising including, but not limited to, websites, billboards and brochures. Any questions should be directed to Brian Bossuyt, Director of Marketing (PMVB) bbossuyt@poconos.org 570-421-5791 x 3120.

8. Upon approval of funding, marketing invoices should be sent to Staci Barkalow, CFO (PMVB) staci@poconos.org for payment.

Please be sure to indicate the organizations name along with your contact information on each marketing invoice.