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Member Information Center Tutorials



Need Help Navigating Our Member Information Center or Creating or Updating Your Member Profile?


Your Member Information Center is an important part of your CCEDC Membership and a powerful tool that helps you to easily connect with your Chamber as well as pay your membership dues and any Chamber invoices. This is also the place where all of the magic happens...where you get to create and update your Member Profile, add Hot Deals, Member-to-Member Specials, MarketSpace ads, post community events and job openings. It is where you can effectively promote your business and greatly benefit from being a CCEDC member.


At different times throughout the year, we will be offering instructional workshops on navigating the Member Information Center as well as creating, updating and getting the most from your Member Profile. However, you don't have to wait until then. The video tutorials below will gve you step-by-step HOW TO instruction on these topics.

Video Tutorials:


Demonstrates how to update your personal information. Walks you through each selection under
Account Settings->Personal Information. Length: 2:05 Last updated: 3/20/2014

Demonstrates how you update your company information. Walks you through each selection under
Account Settings->Company Information. Length: 6:52 Last updated: 3/20/2014

For Members: Complete Overview of Member Information Center

BONUS VIDEO: Why Upgrade Your Member Profile or Advertise on Our Site?

Still Need Help?

Contact our Webmaster at e-mail
or call: 570-722-3751.

Support Hours are: Monday through Friday
from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm ET.

Carbon County Hotel Tax Grant


Next Deadlines for Submission are February 28th & September 30th.


Room Tax Allocation Committee (RTAC) 
As Authorized by: The Office of the Carbon County Commissioners


The Carbon County Commissioners have delegated to the RTAC certain responsibilities concerning the solicitation, evaluation and recommendation of tourism-related projects to be funded in part by proceeds from the Hotel Room Tax imposed throughout the County.

This Committee has developed and submitted to the Office of the County of Commissioners a protocol that include: general guidelines, guidelines, application criteria and an evaluation procedure.

General Guidelines


1. Twice annually, the RTAC will provide releases to the media and place advertisements informing eligible non-profit organizations in Carbon County of the availability of grants for tourism-related projects (that primarily bring tourists into Carbon County and encourage overnight stays) and soliciting their inquiries.

2. The RTAC will provide an application to interested organizations together with a timetable of deadlines for submission.

3. Following each deadline, the RTAC will convene to evaluate all applications that have been received and will record its recommendations for funding. 

4.The RTAC will send the report to the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, Inc. (PMVB) for final approval per ACT 18.

5. Invoices from vendors for marketing expenditures will be sent directly to PMVB for payment up to the amount approved by the RTAC.

6. Funding recipients will be required to submit a summary of all expenditures and pertinent project information to the RTAC within 12 months of the conclusion of the funded project.

7. PMVB Branding guidelines will be provided. Branding materials should be added to print/digital advertising including, but not limited to, websites, billboards and brochures. Any questions should be directed to Brian Bossuyt, Director of Marketing (PMVB) bbossuyt@poconos.org 570-421-5791 x 3120.

8. Upon approval of funding, marketing invoices should be sent to Staci Barkalow, CFO (PMVB) staci@poconos.org for payment.

Please be sure to indicate the organizations name along with your contact information on each marketing invoice.