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Energy Efficient Improvements for Businesses


Courtesy of Guest Blogger, Carol Obando-Derstine,
Regional Affairs Director, Southeast Region
PPL Corporation

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Summer has faded. Cooler, more comfortable temperatures are here. It's time to get out those flannel shirts and hoodies.

Autumn - before the snow flies and the weather grows cold -- is a great time to improve the energy efficiency of your business or home. Put in some time and investment now, and you can get the work done before really cold weather sets in. Then, save energy and money all winter.

Over the past six years, PPL Electric Utilities customers have saved more than 2 billion kilowatt-hours a year by taking advantage of our energy efficiency programs - the equivalent of taking more than 206,600 homes off the grid for a year.

If you've been part of that, good work. If not, now's a great time to join the team.

To learn more about home rebates and improvements, visit pplelectricsavings.com. Available programs, to name a few, include discounted, PPL-funded LED lights available at participating stores; mail-in rebates on ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerators and heat pump water heaters; and our popular appliance recycling program.

If you own a multifamily property, you can visit the same website to learn about programs available specifically for your needs.

Businesses can also get help with the up-front cost of making energy efficiency improvements with our rebates. If you want to know how your business or facility can benefit, here are some questions to get you started:

1. Are your lighting levels adequate? Have you upgraded to LEDs? Upgrading lighting can improve safety, productivity, and employee and customer experience, in addition to saving on your electric bill.

2. Are controls installed or updated for your requirements? Adding occupancy sensors and other types of controls can help you save.

3. Is your HVAC equipment close to the end of its life? If you're in the market for new HVAC equipment, higher efficiency models are widely available and many qualify for rebates.

4. Do all your employees shut down their computer at the end of the day? Nearly half of employees in the United States fail to shut down before they head home for the night. Rebates are available for PC power management and smart surge protecting power strips. (Of course, this is great advice at home as well.)

5. Are you using equipment qualified as ENERGY STAR® or DesignLights Consortium (DLC)? If not, consider these qualifications during your next purchase because most of these products qualify for rebates.
For more info on business-specific programs, visit pplelectricbusinesssavings.com.

These programs and rebates are there to help you save energy and money - just like flannel shirts and hoodies are there to keep you warm.

So before the birds fly and the leaves join them, why not take a look?


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