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WINE-TASTING: What to Wear

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The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail is home to nine member wineries and there’s always something happening at one of them on any given weekend.  Named as an American Viticultural Area, it’s a premier destination for visitors from far and near.  If you have never been wine tasting, it could appear intimidating.  It’s not.  If you want to understand tasting and tasting etiquette, please read my previous posts.  Once you understand what to do, the next question is naturally, “what do I wear?”


One of my favorite TV shows is “What Not to Wear,” so let’s start there.

· Perfume.  Don’t wear it. Part of wine tasting is the act of sniffing your wine.  In order to smell nuances in wine, it’s best to not have competing scents like perfume or cologne.

· Lipstick. It may look beautiful on your face but on a glass, the goopy lip prints are not attractive. 

· White.  There’s an old adage, maybe not old, but well said, “Wine flies when you are having fun.” It’s amazing, those little drips come from out of nowhere and can ruin a favorite outfit.  There are some great products for removing stains but why tempt fate.

What to wear...

· Comfortable shoes.  Many wineries farm their own grapes, so it is something to consider when choosing footwear.  You don’t want to ruin a favorite pair of heels when you could break out those trendy autumn boots or flats.

· Casual Chic.  We’ve established that you want comfortable shoes and your clothing should also be comfortable but not loungewear.  Try layers of different fabrics including dark denim.  Since you may be taking a tour of a cellar where temperatures are lower, it’s good to have layers for warmth.

· A cross-body or small purse.  Some of us appear so young that we must have our ID cards handy, and some establishments card everyone in a party if one person appears under 30.  You’ll want to have a purse that holds some money, your identification and maybe a credit card or two.  You don’t need to carry a large purse that holds many props for the TV show, “Let’s Make a Deal.” Leave the big purse home.  Plus, with less baggage, you’ll be able to carry more wine.

· Smile. Face it, you feel better when you smile.  When you smile, servers are drawn to you.  Smiling will help you have a great tasting experience.

Now all that’s left to do is plan a winery visit then peek into your closet to select that perfect pairing.

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